Annual Reports and Public Accountability

Annual Reports and Public Accountability

Policy Statement:

Central Queensland Christian College Limited is

  • An educational institution that seeks to provide a quality, Christ-centred education in partnership with Christian families for their school age students, from Preparatory to Year 12.
  • An independent Christian school that delivers education using the Queensland Standards of Education as defined by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.
  • A Not-For-Profit Company Limited by Guarantee.
  • A College that receives spiritual oversight and leadership from Rev John Alley, who as founder of the College, continues to encourage the Board and the College community in their vision for Christian Education and the spiritual viability of the institution.

We aim to meet the requirements of the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board and other relevant State and Federal Government Departments, Acts and standards.

To this end, we have documented our management policy and practices in a format to meet these standards and facilitate continuous improvement in our institution.

The achievement of our families’ educational needs is the prime responsibility of all staff, volunteers and the Board of Governance.

Our involvement in and dedication to quality and continued compliance with the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board ensures the maintenance of our reputation as an educational institution, the ongoing satisfaction of our most critical customers balanced with the accepted community standards for education.

All levels of management and operational staff are committed to this Policy, providing the basis for our continued self-examination process, which aims at achieving even higher standards of education.

Philip Alley
Chairman of the Board