Annual Report

Annual Report for the year ending 31 December 2015

Central Queensland Christian College Limited
ACN 058 556 764

School Sector: Independent
Address: 2 Schoolhouse Street, Berserker, Rockhampton, Queensland 4701
Phone: 07 4921 0580
Fax: 07 4921 2088

Year Levels Offered: Co-educational Prep – Year 12

It is our aim to:
a) provide an education of high academic standards that is based on:

  1. an acceptance of the Lordship of Christ and
  2. an acceptance of the Bible as the revealed word of God

b) provide an education that also:

  1. fosters self discipline in the learner while teaching him to accept the discipline of the Church which is the Body of Christ to be obedient to his parents and to obey the laws of the Government;
  2. caters for the individuality of the learner and stresses the function of the learner as a member of the Body of Christ and of the community;
  3. trains the learner in the moral and ethical standards of the bible as interpreted in the teaching of the New Testament and assists him to acquire a biblical world and life view and to appreciate the rights of others to hold different views;
  4. develops the learner’s creative and critical abilities;
  5. stresses co-operation rather than competition and fosters the development of the gifts, skills and abilities of the learner for the service of Jesus Christ in the Body of Christ and the community.

Goals for every student:

  • character
  • achievement
  • success 


  • Love God
  • Love others
  • Love yourself
  • Seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding
  • Walk in integrity
  • Accept responsibility
  • Be a leader


Year Primary Secondary Secondary Distance Total
2015 43 31 1 75


  • Loving, gracious and caring atmosphere
  • Individualised learning: students achieve at their level
  • Christian curriculum, ethos and environment

Other Distinctive Features:

  • Multi-age classes
  • Pastoral support
  • Safe environment
  • Creative learning experiences
  • Extra curricular opportunities
  • Effective Behaviour Management Policy
  • Integrated use of technology

Extra-curricular Activities:

  • Vocal Group
  • Ukulele
  • Chess team
  • Robotics team
  • Year 5-8 Trip to Brisbane
  • Year 9-10 Camp at Blackdown Tablelands
  • Year 11-12 Friendship visit to Sister School in Cambodia

Many of our students are engaged in a range of extra-curricular activities outside the College. The College is located close to the Police Citizens Youth Club, Basketball Stadium, Soccer fields and Touch Football fields. Students have represented the school in various sports at local, district and state levels.

Social Climate:
There is a very positive spiritual and social culture in the College. This is reinforced through Values Education and the life example each of our Christian teachers provide.

Each teacher is a practising Christian and is available for pastoral care and support to students regarding any matter they may wish to talk or pray about. In addition, a School Chaplaincy service is provided by the founding church community.

Our policy on Preventing Bullying is part of our wider Child Protection policy.

Parental Involvement:
Parents are welcome to join the Parents and Friends Association and become involved in classroom help, transportation for excursions and other voluntary work around the buildings and grounds.


Mr Michael Appleton, BComp, Minister of Religion, serving in Christian Ministry since 1992, Ordained in 2001, Principal since 2006

Years P-1, Mrs Kylie Saville, BEd
Years 2-4, Mrs Karyn Hagemann, BEd (Honours)
Years 5-6, Miss Jacqui Toohey, Head Teacher, BEd BTeach
Years 7-12, Dr Noel Patson, BA MAppSc PhD, DipEd
Years 7-12, Miss Emily Alley, BT&L
Years 7-12, Miss Faith Appleton BMultMed, GradDipL&T(Sec)

Participation in Professional Development:

  • Internal Professional Development: all teachers
  • ISQ Moderation: all teachers
  • ISQ Australian Curriculum Briefings: Principal and Head Teacher
  • ACS Leadership Briefing: Principal
  • QCAA Moderators Meeting: Principal
  • ACS Developing Leaders Day
  • ACS Leadership Retreat: Chairman, Principal and Head Teacher
  • ISQ Project: Teachers as Researchers – 21st Century Learning
  • ISQ Project: Self Improving Schools
  • ISQ Small Schools Conference
  • ISQ Project: Strategy
  • ISQ Strategic Briefing

Total number of Teachers and Principal participating in at least one activity in the year: 4 out of 4

Total expenditure on professional development: $15,821
Average expenditure on Professional Development per Teacher: $2,260

Staff Attendance:
For permanent and temporary staff, the average staff attendance rate was: 95%

Proportion of Teaching Staff Retained from the Previous Year:
A restructuring of staff has been taking place and 2 out of 5 teachers were retained from 2013. In 2015, teaching staff was increased to 6, employing two graduates that had been mentored during 2013 and 2014.


Average Student Attendance Rate:
The average attendance rate was 92%.

Reading, Writing and Numeracy benchmark results for Years 3,5,7 and 9:
Due to a small number of students enrolled in each of these year levels, a report of testing results would enable individual students to be identified. Such a report would be a breech of privacy and is not able to be provided. However, we are able to report that College students performed well in the test. Student results in this test were consistent with their results in regular classroom assessment. Any students experiencing difficulty had already been identified with relevant action taken.
Further information can be viewed at

Apparent Retention Rate:
Number of Year 10 students in 2013: 5
Number of Year 12 students in 2015: 5
Retention Rate: 100%
Year 12 Outcomes from 2015 Graduates:
Fewer than five responses to the 2016 Next Step survey were received from students who completed Year 12 at CQCC. Consequently, information on the post-school destinations of Year 12 completers from 2015 are not available for reasons of data confidentiality.
Value Added:
Value was added to the lives of students, families and the community through:

  • Positive spiritual influence in the life and example of all staff, and the centrality of Christ in the curriculum and philosophy of the College.
  • Good leadership and governance.
  • A quality education program and services of a standard equivalent or higher than the Queensland standards as defined by the Queensland Studies Authority.
  • Good Teachers. Research shows that the teacher is single most important influence in improving learning. The College therefore employs dedicated Christian teachers that are able to add value to the lives of students.
  • Buildings and Grounds that the community can be proud of.
  • Sound Financial Management.
  • A Commitment to the safety and well-being of all students.
  • Continuous improvement.

Specific programs run to add value are:

  • Values education for students.
  • Professional development for staff.
  • High School camp.
  • Senior Student’s friendship visit to Sister School in Cambodia.
  • Curriculum development.

Parent, Student and Teacher Satisfaction:
A satisfaction survey was not carried out in 2015.