Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

Students are expected to:

  1. Embrace College Values:
    • Love God
    • Love others
    • Love yourself
    • Seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding
    • Walk in integrity
    • Accept responsibility
    • Be a leader
  2. Show respect to staff and other students.
  3. Comply with safe practices.
  4. Operate within the rules of the College.
  5. Use language that is friendly, positive and empowering, not swearing or using language that is demeaning or non-supportive.
  6. Use facilities and resources appropriately.

For questions about the Code of Conduct or any related matter, please contact the Principal

Student Code of Conduct on the Bus

On the bus, students are expected to demonstrate school value and abide by normal school rules, and code of conduct described above. In addition, students are expected to:

  • Keep noise levels down – no calling out across the bus
  • Keep the bus tidy – no eating or littering on the bus
  • Put seatbelt on and keep it on – no moving seats while the bus is moving
  • Keep electronic devices away at all times (phones, mp3 players, ipads, nintendo etc)
  • Keep school uniform including shoes on at all times
  • Arriving at the bus stop, remain on the bus until parents arrive
  • Walk behind the bus, not in front
  • At the bus stop, use paths provided – do not walk through shopping centre gardens

Consequences of inappropriate behaviour and breaches of this Code will depend on the nature of the breach. One consequence may be a temporary suspension from the bus.