Christ has commissioned us to educate, leading students to full maturity of thought and love with a clearly established sense of vocation in their service to Christ and the World.


As defined in the school’s constitution

a) to provide an education of high academic standards that is based on:

  1. an acceptance of the Lordship of Christ and
  2. an acceptance of the Bible as the revealed word of God
    as these are defined in the Confession of Faith of the School;

b) to provide an education that also:

  1. fosters self discipline in the learner while teaching them to accept the discipline of the Church which is the Body of Christ to be obedient to their parents and to obey the laws of the Government;
  2. caters for the individuality of the learner and stresses the function of the learner as a member of the Body of Christ and of the community;
  3. trains the learner in the moral and ethical standards of the bible as interpreted in the teaching of the New Testament and assists them in acquiring a biblical world and life view and to appreciate the rights of others to hold different views;
  4. develops the learner’s creative and critical abilities;
  5. stresses co-operation rather than competition and fosters the development of the gifts, skills and abilities of the learner for the service of Jesus Christ in the Body of Christ and the community.